19 Lesson Learned of First Month Moving to NYC

I posted this on my Instagram and Facebook previously, but then I decided the post worth to stay in the blog. Might be useful for anyone else, who knows? :)

Today marks my completed first month living in NYC. Juggling to make the best of 24 hours a day, from time to time, place to place, people to people.

Here what i've learned so far:
1. Halal foods are everywhere.

2. Basically, any foods are everywhere. Measure your weights!

3. Buying unlimited monthly metro card is a must, if you're commuting every day. It encourages me to go many to places, too! ;)

4. But remember, NYC trains in midnight and weekend are dubious. Allow additional travel time.

5. Google map is the voice of God. Just follow it.

6. Before going out, pay attention to the weather forecast. It helps to choose outfits, and stuff to bring in our bag.

7. About outfits, don't worry too much. No one will judge you or tell you what to wear. Just believe in what you wanna believe, and be awesome.

8. Yes, that includes a major change of fashion like my turban hijab style. :p

9. Speak up and raising concern won't cause you trouble. So does saying no to something you don't want.

10. Invest in at least one pair of good Nike/Adidas/New Balance/Converse shoes. Because we walk a lot!

11. That makes a woman who enters subway and walks the street in high heels as the strongest person of the day. *applauds*

12. Parks are always beautiful. Always. Cental Park, Union Square, Washington Square, Madison, you name it.

13. Sunset is best seen from Dumbo near Brooklyn bridge, and High Line. My two best serendipity so far.

14. Music performers in Times Square subway station are awesome. They changed groups every day. If you record them, you may consider giving a dollar or any appropriate number.

15. Entertainment is expensive. But there are many cheap, even free, events going on around the city. But mostly not in the touristic area.

16. Museums are wow! Nothing like old boring pyjamas.

17. To split the bill with friends easier, install Venmo. That's one of the best human invention ever.

18. I read somewhere: "In NY, people are either looking for a job, an apartment, or a boyfriend/girlfriend." True.

19. However, in a city full of everything, we don't need to take everything. Only bite what we can chew. �

Looking forward to many months ahead! XoXo.