2016 In A Nutshell

Let's see.

I quitted my job in January. Said goodbye to wonderful people from work. Stayed unemployed in Jakarta for two months to focus on GRE preparation class. Traveled to Bangka Belitung island to visit my grandmother grave (and say thousand of apologies to the ground for not being there in her last moment). Witnessed the 2016 total eclipse at the open beach. Went back to Jakarta. Took some freelance jobs to pay the rent and campus admission. Worked my ass off really hard to secure the seat in the best universities for a master degree. Got accepted to 6 universities out of 7 (yes, you let me down JHU! But never mind, I got Columbia however!). Got a new job offer for short-term period in Jogja. Broke up with my significant other. Tried to pull myself all together. Moved back to Jogja. Took a step back to heal by playing music, traveled to peaks of mountain and sea, read new books, made the most time and moment with family. Started new job. Made new friends. Treasured my old friends. Said goodbye (again). Moved to New York. Lived in Elmhurst. Started my first semester. Made new friends (again). Explored a total new environment. Struggled an academic like what a graduate student does. Strugged a big city life like what a scholarship student with no work permit does. Survived finals with satisfying grades. Surviving temperature drop in winter. Gained winter weight. Missed two important wedding in Indonesia. Moved to Harlem. Took a break. Challenged myself to practice my faith in a foreign land, but end up questioning everything.

I have to credit Spotify's ad copy: