A Tale of April Fool

Dear reckless, you always forgot your umbrella

Wrapping hands inside your wet coat, waving to stop a yellow cab

Don’t fight the East Coast wind; you can’t

Let today be rain

Must give someone else’s day a bless

An America’s favorite Frenchman now a wet street somewhere downtown

O, Lafayette! Lafayette!

The hero of the two worlds, I recall his fight for the unborn


I, too, want to repeat history but stumbled upon my insecurity

Earth keep moving, at 2 a.m. days and nights tick-tocking – intertwining

Tell me how a transition does to reveal your flaw

A mediocre stamp to your unworthy non-existence

How a soul not bleed, having loved by many but left them behind easy

Wouldn’t you want to be low grounded and laid, just all?


Then stay!

For month has changed and half-year goes by

When winter ends, a daughter lost her father

Long before she know her road is steeply rise

Thousand butterflies floats above the tranquil strawberry field

She heard John Lennon from the Central Park circular bronze plaque

"Imagine if there is no me"

So I,

Count up to one two three

Scrolling down my phone, forget to pay a bill and whisper

“How are you, Pa?”

Words are loose, and wishes are mud thick

Pa, I wish we share the same poem...


So I’m taking this bus from Harlem

Reminiscing Manhattan, a tale of unfinished stories

A stranger with gray hair asks, how is your country?

I said fine; there you can eye wide ocean from the top of the mountain

Sun shines to the abundance, the yellow rice-paddies, and the villager's hats

That once my home, my precious root

But one thing missing yet is for you to be understood

That’s how I moved, yeah, that’s why I moved


I walk again

Round and round, heading to the late cherry blossom somewhere in Brooklyn

Long ago I knew a person who wants the same thing

To be loved, to be spoiled,

and shamefully frazzled by the April fool.


SA – New York, 2 April 2017